Safety collar
Glow Track Collars have an LED light to make cats safer and easy to see at night. Better tha breakaway, no buckle means a safety cat collar that's easy on, easy off with one hand. 

Bright light
The light on Glow Track Collars is wide so it won't get hidden by fur. Set it on steady glow or blink so your cat is easy to spot, day or night. Battery included

The Cat Collar Camera

Kitty cam
Curious to know where your cat goes? Find out their parol route, where their friends live and if someone else is feeding them with this tiny video camera with special collar clip for cat's eye view.

Tracking tags
Whether you prefer a GPS collar tracker based on cell towers, or the simple use-anywhere RF tracking device the best of both are easy to attach as accessories on the  Glow Track collar. More info