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cat with a camera POV cat collar camera

Wearable cat collar camera: like a tiny GoPro for your cat.

Now you can see the world from your cat's POV and see what they are up to day or night.


The GlowTrack Cat Camera comes with a special breakaway collar and clip to give you smooth steady footage plus the ability to pivot the camera to just the right angle for your cat.


You can also detach the wearable cat camera to put on your own cat's collar if you prefer.


This small wearable cat camera is so light, even cats who don't like collars don't notice it after a few minutes.


Another nice feature to the collar is being able to slip glow sticks inside so your cat is easy to spot in the dark.


The perfect gift for Adventure cats and the latest fun pet gadget for cats and dogs, just turn it on, and your pet is ready for video action. 

Wearable cat camera video go pro for cats.jpg
wearable cat camera for collar Amazon.jpg
Glow in the dark cat collar cam combo.jpg
Wearable Cat Camera by day
Wearable Cat Camera at night.
Wearable cat camera video go pro for cats.jpg

Cat Camera with Collar & Mount


includes everything you need to start watching your cat's adventures:... the cat camera, steady cam clip, glow collar, rechargeable battery, microSD card, charging cable and

 USB reader/adapter.

light up cat collar breakaway.JPG
Bird Safe Cat Collar for cats who hunt includes a hologram alerts + LED lights.

The GlowTrack collar has LED lights all around for visibility at every angle with a glow in the dark safety breakaway buckle for safety.

Includes silver flash hologram accents to alert birds for a bird safe cat collar that's anti-hunting.


Keeps cats safe by night and birds safe by day!


Cat Camera wearable cat cam collar Square.png
The GLOWTRACK cat collar camera: a safe breakaway cat cam with adjustable pivot clip for a perfect POV of your cat's world.
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