Safety collar
Glow Track lighted cat collars keep cats safe at night. By day, the reflective trim scares away birds. Even better than breakaway, this new cat collar design makes it a super simple simple on and off with one hand. Brilliant.

The Cat Collar Camera

Curious to see where your adventure cat goes? Find out their patrol route, who they visit, and what they get up to with this tiny video camera with special collar clip for cat's eye view.

LED light-up collar

The light on Glow Track Collars is visible from any angle wide enough the light is never hidden by fur. Set on steady glow or blink mode so your cat is easy to spot, day or night. Battery included. 

cat tracking device

Add a GPS cat tracking device based on satellites and cell towers, 

or a simple RF tracking device. Both are easy to attach to the lighted Glow Track cat tracking collar. More info 

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Track your cat -- without the frustration, fees and flaws of GPS.