Lighted Breakaway Cat Collar

The light on Glow Track Collars is visible from 250 feet away and wide enought it's never hidden by fur. Set to steady glow or blink mode so your cat is easy to spot, day or night. Battery included. 

Cat Collar Camera

This mini cat camera is like putting a tiny GOPro on your cat, this little cat camera shows you  where your cat goes, who they visit, and what they do all day. Smaller than a golf ball and half the weight, this tiny cat camera comes with a special stability clip to get a steady cat's eye view of the world  Watch the whiskers

The new slim glow in the dark LED cat collar

Glow Track lighted cat collars keep cats safe at night. By day, the reflective trim scares away birds. Even better than breakaway, this new cat collar design makes cat collars so much simpler to take on and off. Brilliant.


The Skinny Glow Track Collar (LED collar without camera)

The Skinny Light-up collar


The only light-up cat collar with a kitty camera. For cats only!

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