LED and Reflective cat collars with a wearable cat camera and glow-in the dark AirTag tracking case to keep tabs on your kitty..

The Wearable Cat Camera

Smaller than a golf ball and less than half the weight, this wearable cat camera comes with a special stability clip to give you steady footage without the bounce and sway of old square pet cams. 


The smooth, round camera design also means no corners to hurt your cat as they run and jump.


The perfect gift for adventure cat owners and the latest fun gadget you can use for both cats and dogs, just pop in the micro SD card, and your pet is ready for video action. Check out sample cat cam footage here.

A mini cat camera that's like a tiny GoPro for cats.

Cat Camera cat cam logo pic.jpg

Cat Camera + Collar Mount


includes everything you need to start watching your cat's adventures: a silver reflective collar, steady mount clip, round cat camera, microSD card, charging cable and card reader/adapter.

Keep birds safe from cats who hunt with a LED light-up bird alert collar.
light up cat collar breakaway.JPG

A new GlowTrack collar with LED lights all around the perimeter for a complete cat tracking device. Also includes a glow in the dark safety breakaway buckle for extra visibility.

The silver flash accents use a diamond glint to alert birds before a cat can get close enough to pounce.


Keep your cat safe by night and birds safe by day. 


Track your cat with Apple Air Tag in a Glow-in the-Dark AirTag collar case.
glow tags air tag case.png

The new Glow in the dark AirTag case lets you use the entire worldwide APPLE iphone network for tracking your cat! This collar will let you track cats on your phone using high tech Apple technology combined with a light beacon to both locate and see your cat even in the the dark.


Combine the LED collar with the Airtag glow case to make your cat easy to track, day or night. 


GLOWTRACK collars with  cat camera, tracking tag, breakaway buckle & bird safe technology.
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Cat Camera collar round glow track.jpg
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Cat Camera on reflective collar.jpeg
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