The only reflective cat collar with a wearable cat camera now with glow in the dark AirTag cat tracking collar cases.

Collar + Wearable Cat Camera

This mini cat camera is like putting a tiny GoPro on your cat. Use this wearable cat camera to see what your cat does all day: where they go, and who they visit. Smaller than a golf ball and less than half the weight, this tiny cat camera comes with a special stability clip to give you a steady POV of your cat's world without the motion sickness sway of old square pet cams. Check out some sample cat cam footage here.


Cat Camera + Collar

Reflective Breakaway Collar

This shiny silver reflective cat collar design makes it easy to see your cat, day or night. The velcro tab closure makes the collar simple to put on and take off. Plus it's just wide enough to stay visible all the way around even in long fur. With a soft fuzzy liner, it never contacts their skin so they hardly realize they're wearing it. 

 Now available in reflective red 

includes reflective collar, cat camera, steady mount clip, a 16GB microSD, plus card reader/adapter


Track your cat using Apple Airtag with a Glow in the Dark AirTag collar case.

The new Glow in the dark AirTag case lets you use the entire worldwide APPLE iphone network for tracking your cat! This collar will let you track cats on your phone using high tech Apple technology combined with a light beacon to both locate and see your cat even in the the dark.


Combine the LED collar with the Airtag glow case to make your cat easy to track, day or night. 


Airtag collar case GLOW DARK DAY NIGHT.png
Keep the birds safe form your cat with these LED light up bird scare collars.

The new GlowTrack collar with LED lights around the perimeter for a complete cat tracking device. Also includes a glow in the dark breakaway buckle for extra visibility on top.

An added touch is a silver flash accent for extra visibility and to alert birds a cat is close by so cats cannot hunt them. Make your cat easy to find, day or night. 


GLOWTRACK: the only collar with cat camera, tracking tag, safety breakaway buckle & bird alert technology.
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