Tracking lost cats and getting them home for nearly a decade.
With so many cats lost every year, the question I get as a Lost Cat Finder is, "Who is a pet Finder tracker company that makes a small cat locator collar?" They wanted a real cat tracking option so they never had to go through the nightmare of trying to track down a lost cat again. GPS cat collars die within hours. There had to be a better way. 


A better way to track and find lost cats.
The Lost Cat Finder had to first solve the cat tracking collar issue for her own cat Henry. As a search cat, he needed to be seen when searching dark areas for hiding cats and be safe out in public. So in addition to his "Search & rescue cat" vest, the idea of a lighted cat collar was added, combined with the traditional ORANGE COLLAR to signify a cat is out!



A tracking collar just for cats. Small. Bright, Visible day or night.
After 3 years of trial and error, an orange collar big and wide enough to be seen at any angle and from a distance was born. Adding a light inside the collar to glow or blink settings plus a picket and grommet for a kitty cam or tracking device and Henry was all set.


How to use the Glow Tracker light up cat collar.

A customized cat collar that lights up and is breakaway without a buckle is a new idea. So you'll find two videos on how to set up, turn on and custom fit the collar to be just right on your cat, right along with some tips if you want to add a custom name and phone number or have the Lost Cat Finder do it. Either way, now you have a way to find your cat in a flash, day or night.

Cat collars with GPS tracking boxes are big and heavy

GPS is not designed for an animal that hides under things here satellites cannot pick them up.

LED collars for cats

A simple -low tech dependable way to track a cat, and unlike GPS cat collar devices, the battery lasts weeks not hours.

A light up collar for cats works no matter how far away the cat may be, whereas a Bluetooth cat collar is only good to about 40 feet, which is basically only your yard or patio but you still cannot SEE them in the dark.

Light up your cat with a glow in the dark collar that also has a clip on tiny cat video camera that clips onto the collar. You can also add an RF tracking tag so your cat is visiable from any angle and you can use the device to track them using radio waves even if they are hiding under a house or car, or even down a storm drain. GPS cat collars cannot do that, and they cost and weigh so much more.


Best cat tracking 
Sometimes a simple light is better than a whole bunch of technology. Add if you add a beep to that bright orange light, you don't even need  a smart phone or flashlight to track your cat.

Bird Alert!
Because birds are very aware of color and reflection, they are able to spot the Glow Track collar with its bright color and reflective strip long before the cat gets close.

Lightweight bliss
Since Glow Track Collars have no heavy ring or buckle cats are barely aware they have it on, And because the light is under their chin, they don't notice it.

Kim & Henry

Glow Track Cat Collar

Design inventors