This wearable cat camera slides onto the Glow Track collar so you can see what your cat does, day or night.

Find out whether your kitty is hunting, visiting other cats, or even or two-timing you with a second home for snacks.


At only 14 grams, this mini "pet camera" is smaller than a golf ball and a third of the weight. 


The Kitty Cat Cam has a wide 150-degree field of view for a cat's POV of the world. It even has motion detection and night vision.

The Kitty Cat Camera comes with a special ABS snap-in holder to keep it facing front and steady so you see what your cat is up to without the motion sickness of cheap swaying cameras held on with velcro.

Find out how your kitty sees the world with their own wearable cat camera.

The cat tracking collar camera

The Glow Track Collar + Cat Camera

A kitty cam that's smaller than a golf ball

and less than 1/3 the weight.

The only collar video camera small enough for cats, the Kitty Cat Camera is a simple way to keep tabs on your cat when they go out, or even while they're home and you're away.

The clip is made of a special ABS material so it's both lightweight and flexible, weighing only .002 oz alone, and 1.2 oz with the camera.

If your cat goes out at night, the collar camera has a night vision setting, and with the glow of the collar adding additional light, you can see your cat in the dark and see what they are seeing in the dark, too!

The perfect gift for adventure cat owners and the latest fun cat gadget you can use on a cat or a dog, just pop in a micro SD card, and your cat is ready for action.

Find out what your cat does when they go out.

The only light up collar camera made for cats.

The wearable cat camera that lets you watch their adventures.

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above: footage from the original square collar camera BEFORE adding the new "Cat Cam" stabilizer mount.

The lght-up collar with a kitty camera. For cats only!