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Wearable Cat Camera: video demo & directions. How to set up your new collar camera & put it on your cat. Need additional help?
How to use your Cat Camera

need additional help?

How to watch ROUND CAM footage & charge camera.
Adding round cat camera to flat cat collar
Adding camera to regular cat collar 

How to use your Cat Camera

Kitty Cat Camera written instructions

First, charge your camera using the USB cord provided. When the red blinking turns solid it's ready to go.


1. INSERT a micro SD card 

If you ordered complete set, check for your SD card in clear case, in camera slot, or tucked into the adapter reader.

(if you need a new SD card, the recommended is a Class 10 Lexar 633x micro SDHC UHS-I card on Amazon)

Slide your micro SD card into camera slot with gold “teeth” facing in toward camera lens. Push gently until it's just flush with camera side..



With lens facing away, hold down POWER (right side button with lens facing away) for 3 seconds for blue light = standby mode.


Wait 3 seconds then do a firm press again to begin recording. Lights will blink 3 times  then go out to let you know it is recording. Camera automatically saves files to card in 5-minute segments.


During standby mode, hold down the POWER button for 2 seconds to activate the invisible infrared night vision lamps.



Click POWER  (returns to blue light standby mode).



Hold POWER side down 8 to 12 seconds until lights flicker and go out. Now you can watch the footage your cat took!


Make sure camera is off before removing the SD card. 

Hold with camera lens facing down and use your thumbnail to catch the ridge of the SD card and pull slide it out..


Instead of pulling card out, you can plus it up to a computer via UBS cable and look for the Cat Cam folder to appear after it mounts on your desktop.

To prevent recording while wall charging remove SD card or turn camera off.

Suggestion:  start the camera recording before you put it on your cat and pivot it to match your cat's walk style for the best view.



P.S. We'd love to feature your cat wearing their collar cam or footage shot by your cat. Tag #catcam or send us your clips.

The best photo or footage submitted each month wins a free 32GB micro SD card to store even more #catcam adventures.


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HELP troubleshooting tips

Something not working?

Try resetting the camera. Insert the end of a toothpick or paper clip into the reset hole on the bottom now camera, next to the charging port.

If the footage is blurry, use a QTip to clean the center lens.

If footage is noisy, try wiping the gold teeth of SD card with a lint-free lens cleaner or pencil eraser.

If not recording, turn off, reset, then hold 3 sec to get to steady blue light, then wait 5 seconds for the blue light to wink ...

THEN press again to record.

Night vision confusion?

Press down for 2 seconds to add infrared night lights (invisible to human eye but shows up on computer screens). It will blink RED two times to let you know Night vision is engaged. Press again to turn off and it will blink RED 3 x to show it's turned off.


Red + blue light blink means 

LOW BATTERY so recharge it the full 2.5 hours.

If the lights are not coming on, try pressing slower or longer. 2 seconds is ususally enough to get the light on.

Camera has a one minute standby and will turn off if not engaged within 60 seconds. Best to get it running, then put it on cat right away.


Need more help?

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