video demos & directions

1. How to set up your cat collar camera

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Wearable Cat Camera: video demo & directions. How to set up your new collar camera & put it on your cat. Need additional help?
2. How to watch the footage & charge your cat camera.
3. Combining collar with camera  

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Kitty Cat Camera written directions

Set up your Cat Camera


First, charge your camera using the USB cord provided. When the red blinking turns solid it's ready to go. Note: avoid recharging the camera with the micro SD card inside as it will record while charging.



1. INSERT a micro SD card 

(recommended is the Lexar 633x micro SDHC UHS-I card for $5.99 on Amazon)

Slide it into slot with gold “teeth” facing upward toward camera lens. Push until you feel it click into place.



With lens facing away, hold down POWER (left side of crown clip) for 3 seconds  (blue light = standby mode)


With lens facing away, hold down right side of crown for 6 seconds. A red + blue light will blink to detect it's recording motion. Camera automatically saves files to the SD card

in 5-minute segments.


While recording, hold the left POWER side of crown for 2 seconds to add infrared night vision mode.



Click POWER  (returns to blue light standby mode).



Hold POWER side down 10 seconds until light goes out.




Make sure camera is off before removing the SD card. 

Push card in and release for micro card to pop out.


Mark your charging cable on one side so you

know which way to plug it in each time. Bright nail polish works well!

Remove the SD card before charging the camera so

it’s not loop-recording your ceiling all night!

Remember to start the camera running before you put it on your cat and pivot it to match how they move for the best view.



P.S. We'd love to feature your cat wearing their camera or share their cat camera documentary with the world.

The best photo or footage submitted each month wins a free 32GB micro SD card to store more cat cam antics.


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4. How to custom coil your collar

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5. The elastic band: two purposes

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6. First time: How to introduce the new collar and put it on your cat. 
7. How to measure cat's neck for the skinny LED collar. Need help?
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Henry, the original Cat with a Camera