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The wearable collar camera for cats

cat cam on cat collar camera amazon.jpg

Ready to see the world from your cat's Point of View?


This tiny video "Cat camera" comes with a special steady cam clip and collar to get smooth steady footage of your cat's eye view of the world.

  • Pivots into position

  • Safety breakaway

  • Detachable cat camera

  • Steady cam clip

  • Featherlight at only 6 ounces

includes built-in rechargeable battery, SD card, charging cable and reader.

Pivot cat cam .png
Cat Collar Camera


Cat Collar Camera

LED cat collar + breakaway buckle and bird safe holograms

LIGHt up breakaway cat collar with glow in the dark buckle.png

The silver holograms on this bird-safe light-up cat collar alert birds to a cat's presence and reflect light day & night.


The LED lights woven into the collar also alert birds while keeping your cat safe from cars and coyotes at night. 


LED cat collars are available in red, pink, orange, blue and lime green.


Email for custom ID requests!

Bird Safe Collar for Cats

LED breakaway cat collar


Order LED Collar
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