Safety collar
No buckle means easy on, easy off. Even safer than breakaway means your cat is safe from ever being caught or hung up on anything and so bright it's easily found should it ever slide off.

The LED light inside the Glow Track collar can be set on glow, blink or flash so your cat is easy to spot day or night

CR2032 battery included

Curious to know where your cat goes? Learn about their favorite haunts, where their friends live and if someone else is feeding them with this tiny video cat camera with a specially designed steady holder for a cat's eye view on the world

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A tracking collar made for cats

GlowTrackCollars are designed purely for cats and their exacting standards.

GPS tracking vs. RF tracking

A look at which technology is best for finding a hiding cat.

Safe Cats. Safe birds

Keep your cat safe -and super visible to birds and chipmunks.

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