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Lighted Breakaway Collar

Interested in just the light up LED cat collar so you can see your cat at night? 

Use the order button below to get a LED cat collar either blank or choose custom personalization for your cat's name and your phone number in black lettering so if your cat is ever lost, the glowing collar ID can be seen from a distance.

Since most cats will not allow a stranger to pick them up to read a little ID tag, this new Glow in the Dark collar with huge ID letters is ideal for finding your cat in the dark or in case your cat ever gets lost.

Want to contact us about the collar cameras?

Are you a cat product influencer and want to review the GlowTrack cat collar camera or just eager to try them out on your own adventure cat?


Send an email to ASK us anything.

We have new cat collars and wearable collar cameras in the works, including and option to combine with your current breakaway cat collar.

Sign up to be notified of this new wearable cat camera technology or get on the waiting list for the latest cat camera made famous by "the Cat with a Camera."

Customer Sales and Service

​E-mail: ASK at
Call or e-mail us for help with any aspect of your purchase, online or offline.
Tel: 830 822-1567


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