Frequently asked questions

How long does the battery last?

This depends on whether you use the collar in steady Glow mode or the blink mode. If only used at night, the blink mode with last for months. The tiny watch battery can be replaced easily when needed.

Does the light attract predators like coyotes?

No. Coyotes and dogs are color blind to red and orange colors. Also, they do not associate lights with food. Moving lights scare them away rather than attract them.

When will the new Glow Track collars with cat camera be ready?

We are creating a new version and working out ease of battery pull-out replacement. I have a few prototypes for sale which can by requested via email here. The new design will be available here and my KimsCatCollars ETSY shop first, then on Amazon in 2021.

Do Glow Track Collars glow in the dark?

Yes, these cat collarss are designed to both glow and blink. Our collars get their light from a single LED which lights up a strip in the collar so you can see your cat in the dark. Even if you forget to click the button to turn the LED light on, the reflective shiny silver border also catches light so your cat is safe from cars and easy to spot day or night.

Do Glow Track Cat Collars have GPS tracking units built in?

We are creating a better system than GPS that works for cats who hide in places GPS cannot find them (such as under cars, under houses, down storm drains, anything even slightly underground. Our new RF cat tracking system will be much smaller than GPS pet tracking units and the battery will last months instead of days.

When will the Cat Collar Cameras be ready?

Our breakaway LED cat collar (and the pet collar video camera) will be ready for your cat or dog in December 2020, in time for Christmas. If you know someone who might like seeing the world from their cat or dog's viewpoint, get them a Glow Track Collar with camera and enjoy the footage from afar.

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Track your cat  without the frustration, fees or flaws of GPS.